How to Save Money During the Summer

It’s easy to save money in your home during the warm weather months. Some easy ideas include:

  • Turn up the thermostat for air conditioning. Every degree you turn up can save 1 to 3 % on your electricity bill
  • Replace weather stripping on doors & windows. This can save 5 to 10 % on your cooling and heating costs
  • Seal all leaks in ductwork – this can save over 20% on your heating & cooling costs
  • Have your central air system serviced and cleaned by a professional to make sure it’s operating at peak efficiency
  • During summer, cooling typically accounts for up to half of your home’s electricity costs. With tax credits and utility rebates, homeowners can save over $2000.00 on a new system that uses half the electricity
  • Install low flow shower heads to save between $35 and $50 per year
  • Install new toilets that use less than half the water as units over 12 years old
  • Repair all water leaks in your home. A leaking toilet alone can waste thousands of gallons each year