When Should I Replace My Old Furnace?

If it’s over 12-15 years old, the answer is now!

Even if your furnace is still running, if it’s over 12 years old, you should seriously consider replacing it by the end of 2010.

With the Federal tax credits (up to $1500) and manufacturer investment credits, there’s never been a better time to purchase a new furnace. Homeowners can also get 10 year parts and labor warranties at no extra cost.

Your furnace becomes less efficient over time so it’s costing you more in higher gas and electric bills. Major repair bills could also be right around the corner in addition to potential days without heat.

Homeowners can get a new, 95% efficient furnace for less than what it cost 20 years ago! But hurry the tax credits expire December 31, 2010.

Buying a new high efficiency furnace is one of the best investments you can make. Average returns on your money can be 6-10%.

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