Monthly Archives: October 2011

Winter Energy Saving Tips: Furnace and Water Heater

Here are some easy steps that can help increase the performance of your furnace and water heater this winter and save you money. Clean or replace the furnace filter often during the heating season. Furnaces use less energy if they €œbreathe€ more easily. Follow instructions in the furnace manual. Get your furnace tuned up by …

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How Can I Improve the Quality of Air in My Home?

Indoor air in your home can be 8-10 times more polluted than outside air. To improve the air quality in your home, follow these simple steps: Plan routine seasonal maintenance on your heating and cooling equipment. Talk to your heating company about products that can bring outside air and humidity into your home. Purchase top …

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A Smart Solution for Cold and Hot Spots in Your House

Do you have certain areas of your home that always seem to be too warm or too cold? Energy efficient Mini Split systems are a great way to handle these problem areas. Mini Split cooling and heat pump systems were designed to help keep individual rooms or areas consistently comfortable without the expense or hassle …

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