A Smart Solution for Cold and Hot Spots in Your House

Do you have certain areas of your home that always seem to be too warm or too cold? Energy efficient Mini Split systems are a great way to handle these problem areas.

Mini Split cooling and heat pump systems were designed to help keep individual rooms or areas consistently comfortable without the expense or hassle of installing new ductwork.

The new version of Mini Split systems are also heat pumps which can heat areas even when the outside temperature is down to zero degrees Fahrenheit. They are ultra efficient (Up to 22 SEER) so these units use little electricity. During warmer months, the mini split heat pump works like a normal air conditioner. It takes heat from the home and dumps it outdoors while cooling your home like a central air conditioner.

Mini Split systems are ideal for problem areas like sunrooms, upstairs bedrooms, bonus rooms, additions and media rooms. They’re extremely quiet, attractive and use significantly less electricity than noisy window units.

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