Backflow Prevention Testing in Ionia, Michigan

Posted in Plumbing on January 10, 2012 »

In water supply systems, water is normally maintained at a significant pressure to enable water to flow from the tap, shower, etc. When pressure falls or is reduced, the lower pressure in the piping system may allow contaminated water to return to the original source of the water (municipal water system).

Back pressure is another way that contaminated water may enter the municipal water system. Back pressure sources can be pumped in the water distribution system, boilers, power washers, pools, etc. These types of equipment use chemicals that can contaminate water supply systems if back pressure occurs.

To prevent contaminates from entering existing water supply systems, most municipalities require annual testing of backflow prevention equipment. Backflow prevention devices are required for most commercial and industrial applications. A typical backflow assembly has test cocks and shut off valves. The annual test measures pressure and looks for leaks, etc.

The annual backflow test must be completed by a licensed plumber who has completed the mandatory three day test administrated by the State of Michigan.

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