Locating Difficult Drain Back Ups

Posted in Plumbing on March 20, 2013 »

Finding the source of a blocked sewer drain can be difficult and expensive O’Mara Plumbing, Heating &
Cooling has recently purchased a state of the art sewer video system that can locate the exact problem
and determine the least costly repair solution.

In the Ionia, Saranac, Lake Odessa, Lowell, Belding, and Greenville Michigan areas, most sewer lines
break due to age and expanding soils which cause lines to shift and break at the joints. With our new
camera system we can show you the problem inside the pipe. The system’s locator will pin point the
exact problem area above ground so it can be repaired without digging up the entire yard, etc

If you have a drain problem in the Ionia county, Michigan area call O’Mara’s at 616 527 – 9368 and we’ll
be there right away. Our experienced technicians are background checked and fully insured.