Touchscreen Thermostat

ComfortSense 7000 Series Touchscreen Thermostat

Home Comfort

  • 7-Day or 5-Day/2-Day Programming – Allows you to customize a temperature schedule for every day of the week with up to four time periods per day
  • Humidity and Temperature Controls – Allows you to adjust humidity and temperature settings independently according to your specific needs
  • Designed to work with the Humiditrol whole-home dehumidification system

Energy Efficiency

  • Dual-fuel Capability – Increases the efficiency of dual-fuel heating systems by automatically alternating between gas and electric operation

Reliable Performance

  • Touchscreen Display – Large, easy-to-use, soft blue backlit display with adjustable brightness and real-time clock
  • Tabbed Interface – User-friendly, file folder-type tabs allow for easy navigation
  • Temporary Temperature Change – Allows you to pause the schedule for just a few hours or few days, and to set the exact date and time you want to resume the schedule
  • Customizable Reminders – Allow you to set a series of service and parts replacement reminders which display on the home screen
  • Outdoor Temperature Display – Optional outdoor sensor allows you to check the current outdoor temperature
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty on covered components


ecobee Smart Thermostat

Whether you’re using our simple-to-use touchscreen thermostat or accessing your system via a smart phone, ecobee makes it easy to control the comfort of your home or business.

Your ecobee Smart Thermostat actually pays attention to how you consume energy and figures out how you can save the most energy and money over time. It will even alert you when an issue arises. Now that’s smart!

Did you know that heating and cooling accounts for over 50% of your energy usage? A recent study estimated that the average ecobee homeowner saved 26% on their heating and cooling energy costs versus the benchmark of leaving their thermostat on hold at 72 degrees Fahrenheit.