Water Line Repair

Overtime, water lines can sometimes start to plug and water pressure is reduced in your home. This can impact your shower, lawn sprinkler and other fixtures.

Water lines can also freeze and require thawing and repair. At O’Mara’s our experienced technicians can repair all types of pipes including copper, pex, lead and pvc. Our trucks are stocked with a large inventory of parts and materials so the repairs can usually be done on the first call. They’ll also review your entire water distribution system to diagnose any other potential problems in the future.

Our friendly technicians will provide the necessary information and options to prevent potential leaks and costly repairs.

If the water line pipe from the street or well develops a leak, we can repair or replace this also. In most cases, we’re significantly less than major franchises such as Roto Rooter or Michigan Plumbing (That’s because we’re local and they’re not!)

Our large staff will start on the project in hours not days.