Sewer Line Replacement and Repair

Plugged sewer and drain lines can sometimes result from damage to your pipes. There are several types of potential damage including:

  1. Blockage €“ Grease build up or an object restricting flow and / or cleaning of the  line.
  2. Belly in Pipe €“ Part of the pipe has developed a low spot which can eventually plug the line with a build up of debris.
  3. Offset, Cracked or Broken Pipe €“ Pipes can get damaged or broken over time due to settling, freezing, etc.
  4. Leaking Joints €“ Sometimes the seals between each section pipe leaking fluid into the basement or ground.
  5. Corrosion €“ Pipe has broken or deteriorated causing a line to collapse.Roots €“ Plant or tree roots break into line and start to catch debris. This also indicates a break in the line.
  6. Orangeburg or Other Weak Materials €“ During World War II many materials were substituted for cast iron due to shortages. These pipes are deteriorating many years later and require replacement.

At O’Mara’s our technicians are experienced with any type of repair or replacement required. Our video camera and locator will locate the exact location of the problem area which can save you $. The technicians will provide all the information you need along with options to help you make the best decision for your particular situation.